We help the creative sector develop and grow by offering a variety of support. We also offer advice and consultancy to organisations and public bodies wanting to help grow a creative economy or support creative enterprises.

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Current business growth programmes

We devise and deliver programmes for creative businesses and freelancers which help them define and reach their personal and business goals. With funding, we are able to deliver many of these for free. From large-scale nationwide support programmes to smaller localised projects, our programmes are flexible and tailored to the needs of creatives.

Membership schemes supporting creative retailers and makers

We provide membership schemes for music retailers, galleries which sell contemporary art and craft, and for independent artists and makers who predominantly sell work direct to consumer via their own sales channels. As part of their membership, we provide access to finance, point of sale material and marketing support. Not only does this give vital support for creative businesses, but also helps support artists, makers, collectors and budding musicians.

Current research projects & related output

Creative United regularly initiates and contributes to research studies that can help increase our collective knowledge and understanding of the arts and creative sector.