Creative United Environmental Policy

Updated March 2024

Creative United recognises that our daily activity has an impact on the environment. We strive to monitor and mitigate this contribution to the climate crisis by promoting sustainable practices to our team and encouraging our network of 500+ arts and culture organisations to share our goals.


In 2020, we moved to a home working setup due to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. Our organisational model has since permanently changed, with the team primarily working from home and spending 2 days per week in the office. Our reporting will focus on the outputs we can accurately measure from our office-based activities.

Our ambition for the coming years is to also address the environmental impact of our digital strategy. While our office-based operations and in-person events have reduced since 2020, we want to ensure that any digital solutions are undertaken with sustainability in mind.

Key commitments:

  • Proactively monitor our environmental impact.
  • Foster an organisational culture that emphasises reducing, recycling and re-using.
  • Responsibly manage and reduce our energy consumption.
  • Reduce travel emissions by promoting sustainable transport methods.
  • Share environmental knowledge with staff, increasing confidence and engagement.
  • Advocate for our member networks and partners to work towards a sustainable future.
  • Ensure that our service providers have a demonstrable approach to mitigating their own environmental impact.
  • Collaborate with sector experts to gather knowledge around best practice and policy change.

Our approach:

  • The Senior Marketing and Communications Manager is responsible for developing our environmental strategy and ensuring targets are met. This includes acting as a point of contact for the wider team’s ideas and queries.
  • The Board of Directors, Senior Management Team and staff work with the Senior Marketing and Communications Manager to evaluate our progress.
  • We actively measure and report back on the environmental impact of our activities to Julie’s Bicycle, implementing effective evaluation frameworks to support our reporting.
  • The Environmental Policy and Action Plan will be reviewed annually.