What We Do

Creative United is an entrepreneurial community interest company committed to supporting the growth and development of the arts and creative industries.

We work with partners across the public and private sectors to design and deliver programmes that enable economic growth and social impact.

Our vision is for artists, creative enterprises and cultural organisations to have access to the skills, advice and services they need to achieve their ambitions for growth and impact within their communities.

We are focused on helping the organisations and individuals that we work with to:

  • Understand their business model and the market/s in which they are operating
  • Reduce economic barriers to participation
  • Broaden and diversify their customer base
  • Grow their sales revenues, and increase their social impact

Our Services

Creative United makes a unique contribution to the lives and opportunities of people across the UK.

We believe that the arts, culture and creativity should be accessible to everyone, and an essential part of life that everyone should experience and enjoy in some shape or form.

That’s why we deliver programmes that increase public access to and engagement with the arts and creativity.

We want more people to discover the arts and creativity. And for artists and creative enterprises to flourish and grow.