Over the past 6 years, Creative United has established a unique network of exceptionally qualified business advisors whose expertise span the full breadth and depth of the arts and creative industries. From commercial industries such as fashion and music, to charities and cultural institutions including museums and libraries, you can find out more about their individual areas of specialism by clicking on their photos below.

Ben Henderson playing trombone
Photo of Lydia Savory, brunette with fringe wearing striped shirt and standing against patterned background
Hilary Davies standing against green background holding a flute
James West
Gill Thewlis
Sarah Thelwall
Paul Sturrock
Helene Panzarino
Mairead O'Rourke
Marina Norris
Graham Niven
Profile photo
Ellen O'Hara
Remi Harris
Andy Balman
Olga Astaniotis
Julie Aldridge