Our team are passionate about developing exciting new projects to support the creative sector. Between us, we have a wealth of experience and expertise across the arts and creative industries including specialisms in music, visual arts and design.

You can find out more about us by clicking on our photos below.

All photos by Teresa Fan Photography.

Mary-Alice Stack

Chief Executive

Katherine Hall

Katherine Hall

Interim Director of Digital, Marketing & Communications

Alexander Tucker

Head of Finance and Operations

Sarah Thirtle

Director of Business Support Programmes

Mia Dunning

Communications and Marketing Manager - Own Art

Lorna Jones

Programmes Officer - Own Art and Take it away

Ben Gelbrun

Finance and Operations Officer

Holly McBride

Project Consultant - Take it away

Carla Pianese

Project Manager, Business Support Programmes

Stephen Tribbel

Membership Development Manager - Own Art & Take it away

Hannah Mason

Senior Project Manager - Business Support programmes

Sophie Ogunyemi

Communications and Marketing Manager - Take it away