Becky Smyllie from Cartwheel Arts in Rochdale is excited to be joining the first cohort for Prosper North, as Cartwheel look to diversify income and to connect with other organisations exploring similar ideas.

Tell us about Cartwheel Arts…
Cartwheel Arts promotes social inclusion, cohesion, diversity and regeneration through community participation in vibrant, innovative, high-quality arts projects.

What appeals to you about the Prosper North programme?
It is dedicated to supporting cultural organisations like ours. We’re excited to enhance our knowledge and connect with our organisations looking to develop in similar ways.

How do you hope it will help with the challenges and opportunities your organisation faces?
Like most other cultural organisations we are diversifying our income and developing new ways to become more self-sufficient. This programme will help us to streamline some of our ideas and put them into practice!

What are you hoping to achieve by the end of the programme?
We are aiming to develop further trading opportunities with our creative wellbeing resource, Wellbeing Dominoes. It provides schools and other organisations with professional development training for their staff who can then deliver our cost effective creative tool that has a proven track record for enhancing wellbeing in young people and adults.

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Find out more about Prosper North and how to apply for the next edition here