New report surveying the landscape for artist studios and workspaces

Our latest report surveys the landscape for artist studios and workspaces.

Earlier on in the year, we were successful in being awarded funding from the Mayor of London’s Office and Arts Council England through Grants for the Arts to investigate the UK’s existing creative workspace provision, document on-going challenges to sustainability and identify the emergence of new forms of provision and potential additional funding models.

The new report, Making space: developing and sustaining affordable artists’ studios and creative workspaces, was put together following consultation with almost 100 stakeholders including

  • established and emerging studio spaces in London and across the UK
  • developers
  • local authorities
  • Further and Higher Education providers and international partners.

We have documented the variety of models being used to enable space provision for artists and makers alongside making a set of recommendations that would help support and grow this essential infrastructure.

Jane Tarr, Director of Resilience, Arts Council England, said of the report:

Lack of affordable work space is a problem for artists across the country, but it is reaching a critical point in London. In the next five years over 3,500 artists in the capital are at risk of losing studios. These are the people at the heart of London’s status as a world-leading creative city; we can’t let them be affected in this way. We hope the findings ‎will be able to help provide the solutions to a more stable future.”

Download a PDF of an Executive Summary

To request a copy of the full report please email

  • Lottery Funded and supported using public funding by Arts Council England
  • Mayor of London