Today, Creative United has published a report Mind the Understanding Gap: The Value of Creative Freelancers based on pertinent and timely research conducted by Coventry University and University of Warwick.

Following a turbulent time for creative freelancers during the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become increasingly clear that the role and contribution of creative freelancers in the economy, to society and to places remains poorly understood and under-represented. Based upon over 100 hours of interviews with creative freelancers, the research recognises, describes, and classifies types of creative freelancer across the creative and cultural industries.

The report summarises this investigation into the contribution of creative freelancers to the economic, societal and place-based impacts of the creative industries. This Report sets out:

  • The range of value generation for the economy and for society of creative freelancing
  • A typology of creative freelancers based on their generation of different types of value
  • Policy directions to support the full and sustainable contribution to economy, society and places of creative freelancing

Mary-Alice Stack, CEO of Creative United, says of the report’s publication:

“The creative freelancer workforce underpins our much-lauded creative and cultural industries, yet their position remains precarious. We at Creative United have published this report with the hope that the typology holds traction with creative freelancers and acts as a must-read for those who care about this sector’s continued success, highlighting the ways in which we can collectively invest, fund and support this critical workforce.”

To read the full report click here