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Ulteria is a music company for the internet generation.

Image of founders of Ulteria

We started our business in 2013 so we could effectively ‘sign ourselves’ instead of going to a major record label. It was our vision at that point to be the guinea pigs of the company and use our results to replicate with other artists we want to develop and launch.

Our background is in music, our employment background has been everything from retail to sales to managing business centres! The biggest challenge we have found so far has been getting into the market. As with anything, there are tons of blind spots you will encounter when launching a product, and for us that’s music. Releasing music that relies on other people’s clearance/approval has been a drawback in our plans.

We applied for the programme to start up and to get going in the market. We hope to achieve a solid grounding in the music industry and to build and grow from that. CIF helped us set up our operation; a recording studio and an office to get things going.

In five years we see our business being named the hottest and most disruptive music company in the industry. In ten years we would like to be on the top 10 of The Sunday Times ‘100 best places to work’.

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