Investigating ecosystem approaches through the creative sector by Dr Victoria Barker

What is a ‘creative ecosystem’ and how can it help us understand and support micro-enterprises operating within the creative industries? Is there a problematic mismatch between current policy approaches to growth in the creative economy, and the intentions and motivations of the individual creative practitioners that dominate the sector?

These and other questions were the subject of a three-year study undertaken by Dr Victoria Barker at Coventry University with support from Creative United.

In the context of growing debate around the suitability or otherwise of the ‘creative industries’ grouping to reflect the non-economic values, motivators and practices of arts and cultural organisations, this thesis explores the concept of ‘eco-system’ as an alternative framework within which to examine cultural policy, arts funding and investment in innovation, education and skills across creative industries.

Could the concept of an ‘ecosystem’ as opposed to more traditional economic models help policymakers, funders and investors better understand the value of the creative ecosystem in order to better support the micro-enterprises within it AND contribute to the direction of current policy?

For more information about this project please contact us. A summary of her findings will be published in 2019.

  • Coventry University Research Centre