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Monsieur London offer elegant men’s accessories and clothing.

Founders of Monsieur London in their shop

Monsieur London’s journey started with us travelling along the Pan-American route from Alaska USA to Ushuaia in the south of Argentina, while falling in love with leather work in Bogota, Colombia.

It then carried on whilst meeting exceptional crafters in England, Ireland, Scotland, France, and the idea was then reworked on a pub table in the Burlington area.

Our company, Monsieur London purveys quality, long lasting accessories for men. English style, French twist with values such as fairness of prices and sustainability at the heart of our dynamic.

Following five pop ups across two countries, we felt it was a good time to move to a more permanent space and grow our structure. This took the form of our current shop at 17 Royal Opera Arcade with retail and office space. Cash flow is probably the biggest challenge for young companies, it takes time as well to manage the work and life balance.

Creative Industry Finance has enabled us to take a step back and reflect on how to achieve our goals. The loan we received has given us the opportunity to take the company a step further while maintaining the integrity of our investment.

Being entrepreneurs is about estimating risk and making bets that probably a less crazy person wouldn’t make in your place. We will be looking this year at opening another store in London before hopefully expanding to others places in Europe, depending of course, on the opportunities we come across.

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