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Libri is a publishing company committed to providing innovative, high quality, challenging publications for readers and a highly responsive publishing service for authors and client organisations.

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Libri Publishing was created from the ashes of the Middlesex University Press. We brought over our very experienced management team and added a host of Performing Arts, Architecture and Design as well as Popular Culture titles.My personal background includes working with business start-ups in the creative industry sector, so as a publisher I can help authors focus on both promoting and protecting their Intellectual Property. The market is small but committed and this suits our USP as a publisher.

Libri relies on a core team of vastly experienced part-time key staff and their responsibilities include, editorial, proofing, production, design and marketing and sales – at the moment we have 2 members working full time, and we employ 6 consultants on a month by month basis.

We recognise the need to support creative authors with sensible information to help them achieve their goals. Currently the marketplace is a confusing mess of self-publishing with often poorly-managed intellectual property arrangements. Libri’s mission is to provide a publishing structure that enables people in the creative industries to express their ideas and designs to the public.

We applied to Creative Industry Finance in order to raise finance at affordable rates and meet the technology demands of eBooks and social media. This has been a big challenge for us, but with the support offered we are working to overcome this.

Organisations within the industry are vulnerable and we help businesses and individuals through the maze. We expect to benefit by working closely with institutions and by becoming the publisher of choice for the sector, with a particular focus in east London. We want Libri to be a major influence. To achieve this we will work closely with the decision-makers, get support from the colleges and creative industry agencies, and attract investment from the right places.

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