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Globe Fit is a dance company based in Portsmouth. Their mission is to promote cultural awareness through dance and fitness programmes. Its creator Hannah tells us:

“I studied dance and choreography at college, before moving to Spain to study. After short stints in France, India, Japan and America and a fitness instructor qualification, I started my own business.

“Globe Fit has been completely self-funded, but in order to grow further funding is needed. I applied to the Creative Industry Finance programme as I was particularly attracted to the business support offer.

The guidance I received from my adviser, Jan Miller was beneficial. Streamlining my focus and vision for the brand were just a few things I’ve learnt through this process.

My advice for creative businesses looking to grow, would be to network, network, network! It’s often who you know in business; don’t be afraid to big yourself up to get your name out there.

The future of Globe Fit looks promising, I hope to expand the classes across other regions of the UK as well as developing other strands of the programme including the Globe EAT cookery programme.

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