We continue to highlight the stories behind the members of our Forge programme with our next instalment of Meet The Forgers’. This month, we spoke with Nicholas Taghavi, Creative Director or Entervision Films, a company that produces enhancing video to support any media platform. We found out what urged Nicholas to apply to the Forge programme and explore the unique challenges his company is facing right now due to COVID-19.

 Tell us about your business 

Entervision Films is a London based video production company specialising in documentaries, music promos, live event coverage and fashion content. 

When did you set it up and why? 

Entervision Films was set up in 2016, up until  then I had been shooting various types of content whilst climbing the career ladder from a runner upwards. Ididnt want my body of work to be singled out to one specific sector because I had theaptitude of creating highly effective video whether it be in documentaries, music videos or fashion.

So having a home for the array of projects I was producing made a lot of sense to me and whilst beginning to work in small crews, forming an independent video productioncompany felt right apposed to branding myself as an individual. 

Why Forge? what urged you to apply? 

Having moved to the borough at the start of 2020 I was made  aware of the programme through another Waltham Forest  resident and  business coach Remi Harris MBE. What urged me to apply was that Im looking to take my  business  to the next stage with my current growth from being a self shooting Producer/Director to assembling  high performing teams.

My current  knowledge of business is based from my business practise and entrepreneurship module back at university in 2013 and since then I’ve been picking up bits along the way. But I still have a lot more to learn and the areas on the programme which caught my interest were negotiating partnerships, company culture and pitching to investors. 

What are the challenges and opportunities that your business are currently facing during the pandemic? 

My main challenge is not being ableto go out and film but there has been a few  opportunities that have opened up too. By being able to put 100% into rebranding my business and having a restructure. Also to be learning a lot by the flooding resources out there currently, like the webinars hosted by various companies in the commercial, music and film & TV industries. 

How have you had to adapt? what measures did you have to put in place? 

The first few weeks was a struggle adapting but I soon got into a structured routine where Ive learnt to manage mytime more  effectively. By reconnecting with individuals that I had been approached by for projects that had a lot of pre production and to kick start them now, to be ready to shoot when safe to.

By working from home more time now has been invested in my  wellbeing also, so  exercising twice a day including yoga keeps me in check, not just  physically but mentally.  

How important is connecting with other businesses to you? 

Previously from living in the borough my council didnt have anything toconnect local businesses. Ive always wanted to extend my body of work within a community which I want to be at the heart of everything Entervision Films does. Which is why connecting with other independent businesses in thearea is important to me. 

What kinds of businesses or individuals would like to connect  with through Forge? 

Im looking to connectwith any businesses or individuals that have experience intrademark and copyright. I would also be keen to meet any local  breweries, food  vendors, performing arts companies and fashion related businesses. 

Tell us something  we might not know about you 

If Im not behind the camera im working in events where I have fulfilled the following roles as an artist liaison, stage managerand operations officer at Gottwood Festival,  BBC Introducing LIVE and Daybreaker London, I have also worked in various brand activations as a brand ambassador and team leader. 

What inspires you? 

Rick Rubins motivational quotes, my father, live music experiences and stories that are yet to be told visually. 

Entervision Films join the Forge community as part of the fourth and final edition, Cohort 4.