Holly Archer Nicholls and Natalie Holt make up design duo, POND.

Born in London, Holly has a Jewellery Degree from Central St Martins. Natalie Holt moved to London from the Midlands to complete her Masters in Mixed Media Textiles at the Royal College of Art. Both designers have worked in the jewellery and fashion industry for two decades, with some of that time spent working alongside one another.

While working in fast-paced environments helped the designers hone their craft, the duo despaired at the waste  that is a bi-product of their industry – both in terms of material waste and unexplored ideas.  To this end, the purpose of Pond is to explore a different way of appreciating and extending the life of materials.

Pond takes inspiration from ancient and our more recent past; vintage  glass beads from the mid-century are remodelled in Ancient Roman inspired gold earrings. Lost or discarded jewellery such as a crushed locket are given an alternative narrative in solid recycled gold, the evidence of their demise now celebrated as part of  their beauty.  These Talismanic objects tell stories of our relationship to our possessions and the respect we have for them. 

POND joins the Forge community as part of the fourth and final edition, Cohort 4.

Website: www.pondlondon.com