Bespokea began in 2015, established by Duncan Strong. Duncan had been in the bespoke fitted kitchen and contemporary furniture scene in North London since the early 90’s, and knew that using Ikea units and combining them with custom doors was a bit of a trade secret. He could see that there was potential to open this up to the wider public and so Bespokea was born.

His intention was never to push out 1000’s of doors a year, rather it was to enable clients to have the experience of working with a craftsperson to create a genuinely unique kitchen that kept the cost down by using Ikea units and fittings where possible. He started off in a shared workshop in Edmonton to test the concept, then moved into his current workshop in Walthamstow in 2016. 

Bespokea joins the Forge community as part of the fourth and final edition, Cohort 4.