The Forge impact – Atakan Mercan from General Design Project

As the second edition of Forge is about to start, we asked Atakan Mercan of General Design Project to tell us a bit more about what Forge has meant to his business and the way he plans to develop it in the future. 

I have lots of ideas. I like ideas. But they get in the way of practice sometimes. Forge offered a way for me to deal with the flow of ideas and manage my business in an efficient manner. Even a simple voicing of what goes through your head to a roomful of like-minded individuals helps put things into perspective, and Forge did a lot more besides – workshops, one-to-one sessions, network events… I did not know at the time, but I needed all that to organise my thoughts. 

I enjoyed the challenge of crafting the articulation of my ideas into bits that can be understood readily and correctly. It wasn’t easy! Forge professionals pointed me in the right directions.

I also enjoyed the company of fellow entrepreneurs and operators during the workshops and events. Great links “forged”!

I am definitely more focused, even though commercial work does take up a lot of time. I have analysed my work and my thoughts in a way that is more easily manageable – chunks to deal with rather than big obstacles. My one-to-one tutor was adamant – he was excited as I was and we achieved a breakdown and simplification that was necessary for me to go forward. Putting things into perspective and having milestones in place provides a certain relief from the anxiety of not devoting enough time to what really matters. Now I devote little but essential time to my project.

Find out more about Atakan and General Design Project here:

Instagram: @atakanmercan

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