Photo by © Teresa Fan

Edition 1: Celebrations & Learnings

As part of the Prosper North business support programme, we love a good meetup, it’s a place to share learned experiences, triumphs and feedback amongst the cultural, arts and heritage network, in North of England.

Last week, we had our last meet up with the first edition cohort and we celebrated with a pom pom workshop, organised by Bright Box Makerspace, followed by an intriguing tour at Kollider and of course- celebratory drinks and pizza!

Being involved in everyone’s journey for the past six months, we’ve been amazed how cultural and heritage organisations have benefited from Prosper North and look forward to sharing their feedback in the programme. We’re truly excited about how the two editions can provide businesses with a stronger and more impact to organisational structures and greater access to funding.

Photo by © Teresa Fan


Being a space for sharing and learning about each other’s experience, Hannah incorporated a feedback session in the workshop to gather some thoughts and interesting insights. Furthermore, the feedback within the programme, goes a long way and will continue to help us shape Prosper North for the next two editions!

The insights givens were helpful to discuss our future strategies. Also, the feedback responses were encouraging see and to add those viewpoints into our own marketing.

I joined mainly because my board wanted to increase our arts offering. It has worked well for us, and I have developed a bunch of resources to support our strategy and business planning away day.

The biggest difference that Prosper North has made is that it has helped our focus with our Publicity Manager to help us get the info about our audiences that we needed, in order to plan for the future.

Photo by © Teresa Fan

Edition 3: Our final edition of Prosper North programme – Save the date!

Now that a cohort for edition two is ready to kick off, our third and final applications are open. Deadline is 3 August 2020, with a start of the programme in September . Final edition will be announced in September 2020.

You could be eligible for Prosper North based on these criteria :

• You are based in one of the 11 northern-most Local Enterprise Partnership regions (click here for a map)
• Your organisation operates in the cultural heritage sector;
• The work your organisation does, either directly or indirectly, provides positive social impacts, such as:

• training, education and participation opportunities for your local community; or
• a safe, inclusive space to experience art and culture; or
• improves well-being and reduces isolation for local and diverse communities; or
• safeguards and promotes local stories and heritage

Read more about it here.

Don’t worry if it’s not quite for you, do feel free to share with your network or someone who could benefit from our programme.

Alternatively if you would like to find out about the application process or have already started one and would like to have access to it. Contact Hannah Mason, our Prosper North Senior Project Manager.