• Forge edition 2

    Treacle Copywriters

    Treacle company is a crew of creative copywriters based at Creative Works, in Walthamstow.
    Haters of jargon and gibberish. Creators of well-designed words. Allies with ambitious agencies. Helping hands for big-thinking brands.

    Check their work on their website, and follow them on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • Forge edition 2

    The Blair Academy

    The Blair Academy is a recently established business which combats loneliness and social isolation amongst children and adults in the UK through Hip Hop Dance workshops and events.
    Their workshops and events are tailored to the varying needs of the participants, including older adults, people facing homelessness and adults and children with disabilities, in order to…

  • Forge edition 2

    Saunders Seasonings

    Founded in 2013, and incorporated in 2018, Saunders Seasonings is a local timber production business based in Blackhorse Workshop.
    They specialize in milling and seasoning hardwoods, re-purposed from London trees that have already been felled.
    By careful machining and drying, they re-purpose the timber into high quality joinery stock, for distribution to other makers, and also for…

  • Forge edition 2

    Sam Blunden

    Sam Blunden is an established graphic designer and art director with specialisms in branding and editorial design for clients across the arts, cultural and business sectors.
    He creates visual identities, communications and storytelling materials, across channels, from logo design and brand creation, editorial design to creative and art direction.

    Visit his website or follow him on Instagram. 

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    Melissa Taylor Ltd

    Melissa Taylor is a writer and consultant working in the fields of trend forecasting, writing and design.

    Melissa helps businesses with strategic insight and research, along with in-depth writing on topics such as technology, design, and consumer trends.

    Follow her on Twitter  

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    Mbilla Arts CIC

    Mbilla Arts is a Community Interest Company established in Walthamstow in 2006 which promotes education and performance programmes in performing and visual arts from Africa and the diaspora.
    Their current work programme includes weekly sessions in schools and healthcare settings, a club for adults with learning disabilities and a West African drumming circle.
    They also provide artists…

  • Forge edition 2

    Make It Red

    Make It Red is a creative studio based between London, New York and Prague which specialises in Design & Advertising, Digital Creative, Brand Positioning, Social Media, and Print Creative.
    They set themselves apart from other creative enterprises by helping clients to target their audiences more effectively, by seeking out opportunities to connect with diverse audience…

  • Forge edition 2

    Justine Couture London

    Justine Couture London was established in Walthamstow in 2017 as a fashion designing company.
    Initially the main style of dresses being created was traditional African dresses as well as some vintage outfits. Soon the focus shifted to the wedding scene, creating tailor made bridesmaid’s and wedding dresses.
    Currently, the company makes a variety of styles tailor made…