The Creative Industries Federation has published a new report exploring the impact Brexit will have on UK’s creative industries.

The 73-page document draws on evidence from nearly 500 contributors, as well as a members survey to identify the short, medium and long term actions that policy and deal makers must implement to ensure that the creative market will still thrive once the UK leaves the EU.

John Kampfner, the Federations chief executive said:

“This is the fastest growing sector of the UK economy and includes all the things that Britain is famous for – from our music to our films, television and heritage. We want to work with government to safeguard the jobs, the revenues and the prestige the creative sector offers.”

“While the political circumstances are constantly changing, this report produces initial recommendations and explains how the UK’s creative sector currently engages with EU so that sensible decisions can be made.”

In addition to its guidance on the sector’s post-Brexit strategy, the report shines a spotlight on some key areas of concern going forward including:

  • The loss of EU funding streams which have been particularly important in UK nations and regions
  • Increased costs including additional administration for British artists in touring to the EU and for British venues wanting to present non-UK EU nationals.
  • The loss of rights protecting original designs with knock-on effects for trade showcases such as London Fashion Week
  • The impact of the finances and international standing of British higher education of a likely cut to the number of EU students and academics

Read the full report here