Recently, our Head of Business Lending Programmes – Sarah Thirtle was invited as a member of an expert panel, discussing funding for the music industry for the Guardian Small Business Network’s ‘How to make it in the music industry’ podcast.

Talking alongside music industry experts Claire McNeil from Aim Start-Ups, Julia Payne from The hub (also one of our business advisors) and Keith Wyatt from record label Indie Kitchen, Sarah reveals what musicians can do to boost their business skills and get on the road to success.

The podcast also sheds light on why starting out in the music industry can be challenging. Often traditional banks and lenders are reluctant to invest in creative industries, whilst the artists themselves find it difficult to recognise how finance and business advice could strengthen them further on their journey.

With streaming channels being the method of choice for many music listeners, the discussion also focusses on what strategies musicians can use to grow in a digital world.

Listen to and download the podcast here