Forge edition 3

Here at Forge we love championing our Forgers who attend our programmes. Theres so many brilliant creatives and businesses on the programme that sometimes at events you attend, you may not get the opportunity to meet with them all. So, as part of our Forge Community online, we have created our bitesize stories for you on your fellow Forgers.

Today we’re meeting Sean Pines a photographer who is keen to grow in new ways.

Hello, and who are you?
Hi, I’m Sean Pines Photographer.

Why did you set up your business?
Started many years ago as a life-long ambition to be a photographer.

Why Forge?
Changes within the industry have led to a reduction in work. Therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to attend the Forge programme to hopefully discover new strategies and marketing techniques to procure more commissions and also refresh my appetite for the challenge.

What do you offer the world?
Great reliable creative photography.

What’s your main business goal for 2020?
To increase my income to a sustainable level.

What would you do with £2k for your business?
Improve the appearance of my studio.

How should we follow you?

Who are you keen to meet with?
Photography commissioners and businesses that require photography.

Tell us one unusual fact about your business.
It’s run by an incredibly engaging person!