As part of our Edition one, Prosper North Community, People’s History Museum were participants of the previous cohort that was selected to explore further how business support could impact and drive the mission of their organisation in Salford. Edition one ran from September 2019 to March 2020. This what People’s History Museum are all about.

People’s History Museum (PHM) is the home of ideas worth fighting for. We believe in a future where democracy, equality, justice and co-operation are thriving; one where people are engaged, involved and actively playing their part. 

 We are a museum of ideas – ideas that are powerful, radical, innovative and world-changing – and one of the few places where these ideas are brought to life though our collections, exhibitions and programmes. As the ‘go to’ place for democratic engagement we engage people with the world they live in, and inspire them to get involved in their communities and take part in the democratic process.

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