As part of our Edition one, Prosper North Community, Lancashire Mining Museum were also participants of the previous cohort looking to further explore how business support could impact and drive the mission of their organisation in Astley Green, Lancashire. Edition one ran from September 2019 to March 2020. This what Lancashire Mining Museum are all about.

Now known as the Lancashire Mining Museum, we have the last remaining, listed head gear and engine house in the Northwest.  The 3,300hp engine is the largest in Europe and is being upgraded again with new to us compressors with money from our own funds to allow the winding engine to run more often and longer.  

We have a railway that connects the headgear and engine house to the Bridgewater Canal and travels one third of a mile through a lovely area of woodland and meadow where nature has fought back over the years to provide some tranquillity for our largely suburban community.  Our growing band of volunteers is installing the second platform at the canal end – the platform will be complete in Autumn 2019 – It has taken a long time to get this far. 

We have a collection of underground engines which will be refurbished for use and display. We have plans to develop the site with an “underground experience” which will complement our Miner’s cottage.

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