As part of our Edition one, Prosper North Community, Artlink Hull was one of the previous cohort that was selected to explore further how business support could impact their organisation in Hull. Edition one ran from September 2019 to March 2020. This what Artlink Hull are all about.

At Artlink Hull, we create and explore art with, in, and about communities. Our focus on the Prosper North programme allows us to stay committed to bringing about tangible social change. Working with some of the UK’s communities, experiencing socio and economic disadvantages in order to increase the diversity of voices in the arts.

With focus on working with disabled people, children and young people in areas of high deprivation – and especially where these cross over. Our core aim is making sure people from disadvantaged and marginalised communities can engage in creative expression and be heard within culture. 

Artlink Hull offers a mixture of events, creative workshops, exhibitions, commissions, learning programmes and forums that are inclusive and have low barriers to entry. Since 1982 we’ve continually been involved in the development of participatory and socially-engaged projects in the Humber region. 

Artlink Hull is based in a building called Avenue Ward, Hull, one of the 20% most deprived areas in England according to the Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD). However, we also undertake work across the city of Hull, which is a city on economic decline.

Through the Prosper North programme we aim to be a major, purpose-built, centre for community and disability-led arts in Yorkshire. We want to create work that’s important to, impacts on and is reflective of our base in Hull, but that also has relevance nationally and internationally.  

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