Forge edition 3

Ever considered the impact of your own personal image on the world? Well Nevo our very creative Image and Style Consultant can help you out. When Nevo attends our events, she always impeccably dressed, and we’re excited to see how she uses that knowledge in inspiring confidence in people. Read more below!

Hello, and who are you?
My name is Nevo Burrell 

Why did you set up your business?
I set up my business because I want to help people to feel confident in their appearances and about their bodies. To help them look good, feel good and feel like themselves.

It’s much more than putting clothes on people, it’s working outside in. When they see how good they can look, after I finish with them, they will develop self-love and confidence in myriad situations.

I was encouraged to do so, when a client that I helped during my retail days came back to thank me and said that she got a boyfriend at the event that I dressed her for! 

Why Forge?
I came to Forge because I feel ready to grow my business and I need help to do so. I would like to have a framework to enable me to operate in a more professional manner. I need business management and promotion skills.

What do you offer the world?

  • Confidence to be themselves and look great with it.
  • Wardrobe confidence
  • Body positivity
  • Emotional well-being 

I offer a personalised service that makes my clients feel loved, cared for and listened to. 

What’s your main business goal for 2020?

  • To start my YouTube channel
  • To run six workshops
  • To gain two corporate clients

What would you do with £2k for your business?

  • Brand photographer
  • Get an intern researcher
  • PR

How should we follow you?

Who are you keen to meet with?

  • I am keen to meet lifestyle businesses
  • Fitness / well-being coaches
  • Hair & Beauty specialists
  • Health care professionals
  • Mental health practitioners
  • Photographers
  • Marketers
  • Bloggers / journalists

Tell us one unusual fact about your business.
My business is not about being identikit or must-haves. It’s about people, making them feel good, look good and feel like themselves. Making them feel strong, capable and confident.