We are looking forward to hosting our very own panel event at The Great Escape Convention in Brighton next Thursday 14th May at 4pm. We invited music industry professionals from Brownswood RecordingsThe Hub, Music Venues TrustUrban DevelopmentTape Music and MMF, to delve into all things Money (That’s what I want) with us.

As an independent music company, borrowing from traditional lenders can be difficult at times. Particularly when most lenders offering loans consider the music industry to be “high risk” and as a result, often shy away from giving out finance.

So what do you do when you want more money and tailored advice to scale up your business? To successfully grow your music business, we understand both access to finance and business know-how are essential.

On 14th May, our expert panel will discuss the challenges music companies face when thinking about scaling up.  We will share our top tips about getting the finance you need to help take your music business to the next level.

Get your tickets for the convention here and join us on Thursday 14th May at 4pm in The Old Courtroom.