We’re proud to support the #BaccfortheFuture campaign, urging the Government to protect the arts by ensuring that creative subjects count equally in school accountability measures.

Creative United has joined the long list of prominent arts organisations campaigning against the new Ebacc proposal. The plans announced by the Department for Education in June would see the introduction of a narrow list of compulsory subjects at GCSE level. Schools will then be ranked on performance in only these subjects, excluding the arts altogether. Our Chief Executive, Mary-Alice Stack says:

“The UK currently enjoys a flourishing and diverse creative sector which is admired the world over. The growth of the creative industries is currently three times greater than that of the wider UK economy. Figures published by DCMS in January 2015 show that the creative industries are worth £76.9 billion per year to the UK economy and account for 1.71 million jobs, about 5.6% of the UK total.

This success can only continue where it is underpinned by an excellent education system, nurturing the young talent which is the lifeblood of the creative sector. By stripping creativity out of the core curriculum, the new Ebacc proposals will leave the creative sector without a future workforce. In order to achieve growth, jobs, and a balanced budget, Government must continue to invest in the development of the creative sector through the continued provision of a broad and balanced education for all our children and young people.” To find out more and to join the campaign, go to Bacc for the Future website and sign the petition.