The Future of the Art Market

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In November 2019 we launched the Future of the Art Market Report at an Unconference at Somerset House, we’ve just published a downloadable version

Commissioned and published by Creative United in partnership with Arteïa, Creative Scotland and DACS, and researched and written by Lucy Rose Sollitt, the report makes for essential reading for artists and arts professionals. The Future of the Art Market Report focusses on the mid to low segments of the contemporary art market, exploring the dominant issues and trends that are likely to impact its size and shape in the decade to come.

The downloadable version is now published online.

Divided into two parts, the first part of the report tells the story of two decades of unprecedented growth in the value and scale of the contemporary global art ‘industry’ which has been replaced by a period of slowdown and increasing uncertainty. The current position describes a polarised and financialised art market, and for those outside the top tier the report identifies a variety of challenges which are articulated as ‘the squeeze’ of the mid to low sections of the market. This remains one of the most pressing issues facing the market today, and a vital influence on its future shape.

The second part of the report looks at how technology and new models of artists working is transforming the operating conditions of the market, digging deeper and examining more reflectively future trajectories for the art market and their implications. In a series of five trajectories, each includes the response of an invited practitioner.

  1. ‘In the Future, It Will Be Harder to Be an Artist’
  2. ‘In the Future, More People Will Be Able to Buy Art and Support Artists’
  3. ‘In the Future, More Artists Will Make “Digital Art”, and More People Will Buy It’
  4. ‘In the Future, Galleries at Mid to Low Segments Will Reorganise’
  5. ‘In the Future, Traditional Systems of Endorsement May Not Last’

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