Priscilla Yeung is the founder of Battersea Anthology, an annual writing competition and literary magazine for under-represented authors and poets in the Battersea and Nine Elms area. Following its first publication, Battersea Anthology aims to promote awareness of literary careers and bust the myths of ‘starving artists’ in today’s technological and de-centralised environment.

When applying for the Re:Create 2023 programme Priscilla indicated that she wanted to:

  • seek collaborations and brand deals
  • create additional revenue streams
  • diversify the business and expand its reach
  • create a more resilient business model
  • build a self-sustainable literary business

Priscilla was matched with business mentor, John Anderson. In their 3 one-to-one mentoring sessions, they prioritised key action points such as:

  • improving networking and creating useful contacts with future partners like schools and other relevant organisations
  • starting an initial dialogue with Arts Council England
  • building a brand and profile across the sector and locally
  • improving the “reach” of Battersea Anthology, its funding and capacity

When reflecting on the one-to-one sessions, Priscilla said:

“Jonathan is a great mentor with a keen eye on the gaps in my business when creating a strategy going forward. He also makes extra effort in helping me with grant application etc, which is super helpful and way beyond his scope. Thanks a lot!”

Self Evaluation

When self-assessing her level of skills and confidence related to key topic areas, Priscilla scored herself out of 10, before and after completing the programme (where 10 = Highly skilled & confident and 1 = no skill/confidence):

When understanding the value of her own time:

Before the programme: 5/10

After the programme: 10/10

When thinking about her understanding of how to build professional relationships and networks:

Before the programme: 5/10

After the programme: 10/10

In terms of her skills and confidence, related to creating a marketing strategy:

Before the programme: 5/10

After the programme: 8/10

When reflecting on the Re:Create 2023 programme, in general, Priscilla said:

- “I am excited about the future, and I acknowledge there will be ups and downs and setbacks, but there will also be a lot of great opportunities and developments. The mentorship and the online training helped me to be generally realistic and pragmatic about running a creative business. I have also started making applications to grants, and make sure that the business is sustainable and actions aligned to business goals and plans.”