From the 6th– 10th June, HEVA Fund and three of their investees will head to London for the second half of our Creative Enterprise Skills Exchange. The exchange has been organised in partnership with Kenya’s HEVA Fund, and funded by The Nest (Kenya) and The British Council.

Portraits of the six people visiting Creative Industry Finance

HEVA will meet our supported businesses, creative and arts organisations, and deliver an exciting afternoon of talks focusing on the work they do in supporting Kenya’s growing creative industry.

Additionally, Sunny Dolat, who is also part of The Nest Collective, will host a session called Fashion in Perspective: An East African context. He will discuss why the term ‘African Fashion’ is contentious, the evolving aesthetics of the continent and the sourcing opportunities within in East Africa.

Amal Mohammed, Programme Manager for HEVA Fund, said of the upcoming  exchange

 Our delegation are looking forward to learning first hand about how Creative Industry Finance has successfully supported creative businesses in the UK, as well as understanding the industry from a UK context’.

The first half of our Creative Enterprise Skills Exchange was very inspiring for our team, and we look forward to the continuation of exchanging ideas in June.