As part of our Inclusive Access to Music Making (IAMM) Programme, Creative United runs the First Access Programme, an initiative to allow physically disabled children to take equal part in Whole Class Ensemble Teaching (WCET).

We’re happy to announce that we have recruited our first Music Assessors!

Our team of freelance assessors will be working with Creative United and The OHMI Trust this year on the delivery of the IAMM First Access Programme across three Music Education Hub areas (Nottingham, Northamptonshire and Birmingham). They’ll be ensuring that children with additional needs (particularly physical impairments), are able to take part fully in whole class music tuition teaching through the provision of adapted instruments and assistive equipment. Assessments will take place before the new academic year starts, using a combination of information gathering, video assessments and communication with the schools and music education hub staff. This will help us make sure they’re prepared to deliver whole class tuition is being delivered in the most inclusive and accessible way possible.

Meet our Music Assessors

Find out more about the IAMM programme here