Take it away

Take it away is a consumer credit scheme providing interest-free loans for the purchase of musical instruments. 
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Take it away is new and improved  

Since 2007, Take it away has helped over 80,000 people buy musical instruments. We're really proud of this achievement and we have been working closely with Omni Capital Retail Finance, our new credit provider, to improve Take it away.

The scheme now offers:

  • Arts Council subsidised loans to adults buying for a child under 18 and to 18-25 year olds buying for themselves (up to £5,000)
  • 0% loans for customers of all ages at competitive rates (up to £25,000)
  • Loans can be used to buy any goods or services available in-store

If you are interested in becoming a member retailer for Take it away, please visit the retailers section of our website where you will find more information, including an application form. 

The scheme is offered through our network of over 150 member retailers across England and Northern Ireland. For more information about the scheme, visit the Take it away website

Take it away is supported by Arts Council England and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.