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Prosper case study: how 64 Million Artists achieved ambitions for sustainable impact

64 Million Artists undertakes ‘a national campaign to unlock the potential of everyone in the UK through creativity’. They use a simple, fun and free process: ‘Do, Think and Share’, which supports people to be creative, express themselves, become more confident and connect with others.  

Use of Prosper

64 Million Artists used virtually all of their allocated 12 credits of the Prosper programme on a Business Advisor because it ‘felt so useful’, but this meant missing out on more Group Learning Events and the wider network.

However, they did dial-in to the Webinar ‘Knowing and Growing Your Audience’ and attended one of the ‘Meet-Ups’.

Key business outcomes

64 Million Artists reported the following business outcomes from using Prosper:

  • Launched a new digital service - a digital version of their ‘Do, Think, Share’ activity. This prototype free, web-based service supports 64 Million Artists’ mission to be a catalyst for the creativity of everyone in the UK, and contains materials and tutorials to enable people to run creative activities and sessions.
  • Identified that much of the organisation’s activity was taking place in isolation on a commission-by-commission basis. Prosper support drove the organisation to ensure that all of their services were integrated into a more cohesive business model.
  • Examined how different strands of activity were interlinked, and how they could better commercially develop some existing offers - for example, reviewing how they could repackage and deliver leadership training from one client to others in the same sector.
  • Roadmapped a set of activities that will leave them well-placed to secure larger scale grant funding investment in the medium term.


Prosper’s support has allowed 64 Million Artists to continue to develop iteratively and via experimentation, but within a realistic framework that crystallises and supports activity geared towards achieving the organisation’s longer-term ambitions for broader sustainable impact.

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