Sarah Thelwall

Prosper Advisor

Sarah Thelwall is a business strategist who acts as a bridge between the creative and finance communities … a translator of the often different approaches that creatives and investors bring to business growth. In the creative industries Sarah works with both product and service based businesses and whilst she has experience of most sectors she specialises in the fashion, design, art and craft. As your business grows and shifts; as your business and personal goals alter in response to your experiences so there is a need to review the structures and processes that support your business. As your business grows so your approach to risk management also changes.

Sarah works with creatives to connect their business goals to appropriate financing methods, business structures and production approaches. In the non-profit arena Sarah focusses on income diversification strategies and works across all art forms and sizes of organisation. Sarah works across the UK with regular forays into the Nordics and the Gulf; designed an MA in the history and business of the contemporary art market (accredited by Warwick University); set up and runs MyCake and the Culture Benchmark and periodically sails small boats across big oceans.