Information for Prosper organisations

The following information is for the 70 organisations chosen on to the Prosper business support programme.  

About Prosper

  • As part of the chosen 70 organisations chosen onto the programme, you will receive 9 months of free business support.
  • This includes access to 1-to-1 sessions with a business advisor, masterclasses, workshops, webinars and group meet-ups.
  • You'll be paired with one of our business advisors who will provide 1-to-1 sessions with your organisation. Find out more about the advisors here.
  • Guides, case studies, articles and research can be found on Arts Marketing Association’s CultureHive. Throughout the programme, CultureHive will be updated with supporting documents from Prosper training sessions.  


Events and Training Sessions

  • Details of Prosper masterclasses, workshops and webinars can be found on the Prosper page. We will be updating this page as more event details are confirmed.
  • Each masterclass and workshop will be repeated at venues across England. Webinars will be recorded and available to access on request.  
  • Due to limited capacity, access to masterclasses and workshops is limited to one individual per organisation. Additional attendees will be able to purchase places.
  • Each organisation has 12 credits to spend as they wish over the nine months.
  • We'll be in touch soon with information about how to book your place on the training sessions.

Credit breakdown

1 hour session with business advisor : 1 credit
1 day masterclass : 1 credit
3 hour workshop : 1/2 credit
1 hour webinar : 1/4 credit


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Logo and Crediting Guidelines

Contact information

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