There will be 4 editions of Forge, starting from March 2019.

Each one will include a series of 6 half-day workshops that will enable to you develop the essential skills and strategies for your creative business, its market and products.

7 March 2019
Defining Ambitions & Customer Discovery

This workshop will set the stage for the programme. We will use the Venture Design Canvas to describe and assess your current Business Model.

We will then take you through a series of exercises to help you define where you want to go and identify the constraints and gaps you need to address in order to get you there.

During the second half of the workshop, we will use exercises to introduce you to the newest approaches to segmenting your customers, as well as some Customer Discovery tools to gain greater insight into their needs. You will be ready to interview customers in the field to confirm and/or refine your assumptions about their needs.

What you'll learn: 

  • Understanding of Business Model Design using the Venture Design Canvas
  • Self-Assessment
  • Growth and Scaling Objectives
  • Gap and constraint definitions
  • Customer Segmentation Hypothesis
  • Customer Discovery Plan

21 March 2019
Value Proposition Design and Brand Positioning

This workshop will focus on designing a set of value propositions which address the needs you've identified during your Customer Discovery work.

You will design a compelling and differentiated value proposition targeted at a concrete customer segment and backed up by a solid brand position.

You will develop a low-risk, low-cost plan to validate your value proposition and iterate it in response to customers feedback.

What you'll learn: 

  • Understanding of the key components and tools of Value Proposition Design with a focus on differentiation and brand positioning
  • Prototype Value Proposition
  • Plan to test and iterate the Value Propositioning

4 April 2019
Business Finance Literacy Part 1: Unit Economics

This workshop will introduce the key elements which define the profitability and scalability of your products and services.
You will explore how your revenue model and pricing can be used as creative tools to differentiate your value proposition.

What you'll learn:

  • Understanding the key levers of profitability and scalability including:
  • Pricing
  • Revenue Model
  • Fixed vs. Variable Cost
  • Gross Margin
  • Break-even analysis
  • Understanding how your product mix affects your profitability.
  • Understanding the creative use of revenue models to differentiate yourself

18 April 2019
Marketing Channels and Sales Strategy

We will introduce service design tools to design your customers' adoption journey and use these to formulate a sales and marketing plan, including appropriate channels and partners for each stage.

What you'll learn:

  • A validated marketing and sales plan covering customer adoption journey, marketing channels and customer acquisitions costs.

2 May 2019
Implementation Capabilities

The focus will be on designing and assembling the key resources to deliver on the strategy that you have designed in the previous workshop, including your team, appropriate company culture, partners and other resources.

We will also help you put together an operational plan and timeline to deliver the strategy.

What you'll learn:

  • Understanding of Organisational Design
  • Building Capabilities
  • Company Culture
  • Negotiating Partnerships
  • Using Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to manage execution

16 May 2019
Business Finance 2: Metrics and Growth Planning

This workshop will focus on building financial projections which reflect the decisions and assumptions you've made in the previous workshops. We will use a modular approach which will allow you to see the financial impact of your decisions and iterate them as you implement your plan.

You will also be able to identify your funding needs and identify potential funding/investment sources. We will also cover how to pitch to these investors for funding. We will also cover how to build a dashboard with the key metrics to monitor your progress to the next stage.

What you'll learn:

  • Practice building modular financial projections
  • A dashboard of key metrics
  • Identifying funding needs and potential sources
  • Pitching to investors


If you're interested in taking part in one of the future editions of Forge, please refer to the calendar below:

  • Second edition – August to November 2019
  • Third edition – Jan to March 2020
  • Fourth edition – May to July 2020