Genevieve Pace

Senior Project Manager, Business Support

As the Senior Project Manager at Creative United I’m responsible for managing our business support programmes. This currently includes Prosper, which provides support for arts organisations, museums and libraries. My work involves relationship management of advisors, clients and stakeholders, organising our learning and training events, and ensuring the smooth delivery and monitoring of all business support activities.

I studied Psychology and International Relations at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. I have since gone on to work in a range of organisations in the creative and cultural sectors, and have managed a creative start-up and run my own design business in South Africa. I’m on an advisory committee for a research project being conducted by King’s College, London, Understanding and supporting creative economies in Africa, and I’m a business mentor for TERN, The Entrepreneurial Refugee Network, which supports refugees who want to start a business in the UK.

I’m passionate about entrepreneurship and all forms of visual art and design, as well as being an aspiring photographer.